This is the 6th year of the Marc Meets serie at Aan de Slinger in Houten. Again an exciting line up garantee for some adventurous concerts. With a.o. saxophonist Yuri Honing, Singer-songwriters Leonie Meijer and (Voice senior finalist) Tollak Ollestad and a special guitar night. Check the programe here:

What a review from Russia! It is special when someone really takes the time to dig into your music and career. Thank you Leonid Auskern! In case your Russian is a bit rusty you can read the english verison below (long read). “With the Dutch duo, which at that time was called Vandoorn, “Jazz-Square”, then […]

has just been released. Eleven tracks that were live recorded during two 5 weeks tours across Canada. Both in 2016 and 2018 we toured across Canada for 5 weeks, traveling from east to west through the wide Canadian Prairies and over the Rocky Mountains. Having grown up in a tiny country like the Netherlands it […]