The first reviews and articles on The Curious Badger are coming in:

Marc is elected in the top 3 acoustic guitar players in Gitarist Magazine and a full page interview was published. You can read it here.

‘Marc van Vugt’s new album covers a huge range with absolute mastery and exquisite playing’ Jens Hausmann Akustik Gitarre

‘One of his country’s strongest acoustic guitarists…..
Marc van Vugt’s compositions are short in scope but each of them is a small but very vivid and imaginative story that Marc van Vugt and all his guitars share with us.’ Leonid Auskern Jazzquad

‘On the mountain” is even better, featuring contrapuntal lines with evocative phrasing by exploiting changes in tone colour between the different strings; it reminded me of Martin Taylor at his best.’
‘The playing is beautifully poised throughout, rhythmically incisive and technically secure. Marc van Vugt’s compositions are always imaginative with unusual harmonies and unexpected turns. Like Ralph Towner, he has found a fine balance between improvised and composed forms. Excellent all round.’ Stephen Godsall JazzHalo

The…compositions on this CD breathe enormous diversity
The Curious Badger is thus a worthy sequel to volume one, The Lonely Coyote…’s which is terrain that you may only tiptoe into. For this fine package of acoustic guitar music is worth consuming in the same silence in which it was created. An added plus of this album is the sound quality……it shows how the characters of the instruments are “exhausted” in detail by their player. Rinus van der Heijden JazzNu

‘It is miraculous how someone can create their own unique world of sound using only stringed instruments.’ Van Vugt is no stranger to uniqueness, and this characteristic is also evident on The Curious Badger’. Hans Inverizzi Jazzflits!

The single ‘Dancing in the Wind’ is already over two months in the Allaboutjazz Top 20 Jazz songs 2024 and was also Song of the Day, for several days.

He shows moving sincerity…..Unique in all its simplicity and complexity!
Marc van Vugt’s compositions are a gift to his listeners. ****/* Philip Verhaege

‘Guitaristic tales, played with a rich and multicolored palette.’ ‘Again, it is an album that requires concentrated listening – you certainly can’t use Guitar Tales II as background music, then you really miss the subtleties’. Coen de Jonge Jazzism

‘van Vugt demonstrates not only his virtuosity on a wide variety of acoustic guitars, but also his compositional ingenuity, following in the footsteps of such illustrious predecessors as Ralph Towner, Pat Metheny and Egbertos Gismonti’. Pieter Wijnsteker Heaven