Ineke Vandoorn & Marc van Vugt


Ineke Vandoorn – vocals, piano
Marc van Vugt – guitars

Quartet with
Toronto/Waterloo: Dan Fortin (CDN) bass and Ethan Ardelli (CDN) drums
Vancouver: André Lachance (CDN) bass and Bernie Arai (CND) drums

Solo acoustic guitar set by Marc van Vugt
Please visit the page of Marc’s latest release ‘The Lonely Coyote’.

‘Crossing Canada’ LOckdown postponed concert tour

Dutch Grammy winners, singer/pianist Ineke Vandoorn and guitarist/composer Marc van Vugt bring their jazz group around the world. Their last CD called Crossing Canada (2019) features recordings made during two 5-week cross Canadian tours where they performed at clubs and festivals, taught and performed as artist-in-residence at Universities in Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa and recorded new original repertoire. Just before the lockdown they traveled to Indonesia and Singapore where they performed, collaborated with local musicians and taught masterclasses.

Vandoorn and van Vugt are known for their duo-playing that they have taken to a different level. Seamlessly and effortlessly they are switching roles and by times you are wondering who is doing what. They explore the boundaries of both improvisation and lyrical songs, creating their own world, never losing their sense of lyricism and harmony; free as a bird playing their songs.

She’s an adventurous, striking singer known for her intense, operatic range, her extreme precision and her warm vocals. He’s a composer and guitarist renowned for his enchanting arrangements and spellbinding improvisations. Together they create creative and accessible world class jazz, music to take you comfortably to places beyond the mundane. Their music pushes the emotional and melodic boundaries of song, creating intimate landscapes with exciting bursts of fervor, flavoured with Brazilian choro and a fairytale-like Scandinavian vibe.

In the intimacy of a duo, trio or quartet, and with surprising and original crossovers with a chamber choir or a full orchestra, jazz as a conception is reinvented time after time; Fantasy, technical skill and willpower as a guarantee for a primal emotional impact: Music that will reverberate in your head for a long time.



With fairy-like sounds, funky arrangements, modern music full of harrowing and twisting harmonies and sadly comforting songs, singer/pianist Ineke Vandoorn and her partner in music composer/guitarist Marc van Vugt explore boundaries in an admirable and fascinating way: between improvisation and composition, in original songs with regular lyrics and in pure improvisations, by giving their characteristic interpretation of standards or by amalgation of different musical expressions.

Marc and Ineke released 12 CD’s. Their original approach has taken them to clubs and festivals over the world, including Canada, USA, France, Germany, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Austria, Macedonia and Hungary. They recorded a.o. with the Dutch Metropole Orchestra (conducted by Vince Mendoza), composed and performed a project with Het Nederlands Kamerkoor (the Dutch Chamber Choir), and created an improvised opera collaborating with a poet.

Marc and Ineke also worked and recorded with artists like Kenny Wheeler(UK), Robin Eubanks (USA), Sylvain Beuf (F), Andy Sheppard (UK), Don Thompson (CA), David Linx (F), Norma Winstone (UK), Mario Pavone (USA),Thomas Chapin (USA), Paul van Kemenade (NL). Invited by the Dutch government, they worked and lived for two years in The Vandoesburghouse, Paris. They are both highly experienced educators as well. Ineke’s 300 page book on singing ‘Singing from the inside out’ was released in English in 2016.

Press previous

Ineke Vandoorn & Marc van Vugt left their audiences literally breathless after their concerts in Toronto, at The Rex and at the Markham Jazz Festival. After their first festival appearance the press wrote: Vandoorn is worth the detour (NTR-Canadian Press) and ‘ …the many surprises impressed everyone. Because of the ‘scats’, at least to be called modern, of singer Ineke Vandoorn and the solos full of detours of guitarist Marc van Vugt, the audience seemed to be perplexed, but remained open……till the very end.’ (La Presse, Canada)



  • Edison Jazz Award 2001 (Dutch Grammy)
  • Edison Jazz Award double nomination 2002
  • Nexus Guitar Composition Award 2003
  • Julius Hemphill Composition Contest 2002
  • Finalist Pall Mall Swing Award 1986
  • Centraal Beheer Art Promotion Award 1986