The first reviews of Dancing on Water !

Rinus van de Heijden –
“Song art is practiced here, in a way that will surprise even seasoned music lovers.”
“Rarely, perhaps never heard how two musicians find each other in this way: monumental, unrelenting, closely matched, mutually uplifting. “
“Dancing on Water is a giant album. The joining of two such different greats could have brought about a tumble on water, here they walk – and especially dance – like monarchs over waters.”

Jeroen de Valk – Jazzflits #1-2024
“Ineke Vandoorn’s voice is a flawless instrument without limitations. The keys of Jasper van ‘t Hof do not actually sound like a piano, but like sound without ties to any traditional instrument whatsoever.”
“Together they form an utter symbiosis.”
“This album is out of this world.”

Erno Elsinga –
“The combination Ineke Vandoorn and Jasper van ‘t Hof is as unlikely beforehand as dancing on water. A proposition that can already be jettisoned at the first tones of the album ‘Dancing on Water’.”

“Forget the concept of singer accompanied by piano; both seem to go their own way but the whole thing fits like a jacket.”

“The opener “Quiet,” nota bene composed by Paul Simon, is overwhelming.”

“Also beautiful is the grooving title track in which Vandoorn improvises rhythmically after which the two find each other in a unison staccato.

“A surprisingly beautiful album.”