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 - JAZZENZO by: Rinus van der Heijden - September 20, 2013

Singer Ineke Vandoorn and guitarist Marc van Vugt already made nine CDs together, but it took until the tenth to come to the indisputable conclusion that Ineke Vandoorn’s vocal capacities are unlimited. This becomes particularly clear in her own composition ‘Huggin’ And A Kissin’’, in which the Utrecht (the Netherlands) based singer expresses herself as a true voice artist, maybe a bit like (Dutch vocal improviser) Greetje Bijma, but unmistakable Ineke Vandoorn.

It is a special duo, Vandoorn/Van Vugt. They perform professionally together since the mid-nineties. But above all they go their own way ever since. Unconcerned about trends in Jazz-land, propagating their individual artistry is their only goal. This shows clearly on their tenth CD ‘White’. It is their overview of roughly ten years of collaboration, laid down in ten pieces recorded during studio sessions and live concerts. Twenty-nine musicians participate on this CD that completely exposes the special view of the two on the world of music and the world in which we all live in. The lyrics are, as in the past, by Ineke Vandoorn. Therein she draws fragile her very personal view on daily life. Through her approach, both voice technically as textually, she distinguishes herself from her colleagues.

Marc van Vugt connects beautifully to that. Right from the opening piece ‘Wallpaper’ he creates Bill Frisell-like landscapes, but here it is done to give space to the voice of partner Vandoorn. Melancholically, fragile and connecting, but nonetheless vigorously he shows why the duo is called Ineke Vandoorn and Marc van Vugt.

The participation of British and French saxophonists Andy Sheppard and Sylvain Beuf, who contribute lush ornaments to the music, distinguishes ‘White’ from previous Vandoorn/Van Vugt-albums. But perhaps even more through the participation of the Nederlands Kamerkoor (the Dutch Chamber Choir) – unfortunately only on one piece – that offers a wider perspective on the music. And of course by the presence of Big Bizar Habit, with renown musicians Joost Lijbaart, Paul Berner, Paul van Kemenade, Angelo Verploegen, Louk Boudesteijn, Herman van Haaren, Mary Oliver, Ro Krauss and Annie Tangberg.

‘White’ is a personal photo-album, laid down in music, that would normally only be shown to intimates. Ineke Vandoorn and Marc van Vugt dared to give it to the crowd. A bold initiative that in everyone that browses it evokes his or her own emotions. ‘White’ grabs you by the throat, makes you smile, sometimes shiver, but will always move you. It’s a pity that the lyrics are not published in the CD booklet. ‘White’ is subtitled ‘Collectables one’. Maybe the lyrics will get its place on number two. CD-REVIEW WHITE
 - JAZZFLITS by: Hessel Fluitman - Jazzflits number 205- October 14 2013 

We did not get anything on CD from Ineke Vandoorn (vocals) and Marc Van Vugt (guitar) since their cd ‘Dawn’ (2005). ‘White’ is a compilation of music from several projects and collaborations of the two from the period 2003 - 2009. The collection is diverse. It contains for example projects with drummer/percussionist Michael Vatcher and flutist Sylvain Beuf, the British saxophonist Andy Sheppard, but also the Nederlands Kamerkoor (Dutch Chamber Choir). You can also find recordings of Marc van Vugts Big Bizar Habit on the CD.

Notwithstanding this great variety the CD has become a unity. The musical tension on ‘White’ builds up beautifully and the CD is of high quality. A constant is the rich voice of Ineke Vandoorn. Her performance radiates a gratifying calmness. Of course the guitar of Marc van Vugt puts an important mark on the whole. Together they support the CD.

The whole CD shows a mature balance of the musicians. Right away in the opening piece ‘Wallpaper’. Going from the duo-piece ‘Holysloot’ and the scat-sung ‘Black belt’ to the title track ‘White’ with Big Bizar Habit, I was questioning myself how it is possible that this music stays under the radar?

The beautiful arrangement for three horns and string quartet waves partly with the voice and at the same time lays down a counter voice. Paul van Kemenade solos as ever on his alto sax: lyrical. He almost creates his own new melody. The song 'Tea' that Vandoorn sings with the Nederlands Kamerkoor (Dutch Chamber Choir) is of a different caliber but fits absolutely in the whole picture.

Because ‘White’ is a compilation-cd, the sound changes regularly. Very different, not to say controversial, is ‘Huggin’ and kissin’. The dramatically spoken lyrics by Ineke Vandoorn are accompanied by Big Bizar Habit. Her expressive performance impresses a lot. The piece sticks out between the other songs. On the second part of the CD there are three pieces with Andy Sheppard, among others ‘Equality’ by Dave Holland. Ineke Vandoorn sings the piece, full of unexpected musical moves, flawlessly. On the final composition, ‘Peace’ (Horace Silver) you can hear Vandoorn and Van Vugt with Michael Vatcher and Sylvain Beuf. The special arrangement is a intimate closure of the Vandoorn / Van Vugt overview. A CD that deserves a permanent spot next to your CD-player.

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