1999 Vandoorn - Four Brothers (eng)

Erik van den Berg, Volkskrant, 28-10-1999

'Ineke van Doorn is the adventurer among the Dutch jazz singers: Her lyrics are intimate, dreamy, and, in spite of the ordinary words, quite mysterious. One can also find this elusiveness in the music of her band Vandoorn, with guitarist/ composer Marc van Vugt, which guarantees a repertoire in which pop, jazz and much more go together in an open transparent symbiosis. Vandoorn often works together with prominent foreign guests. After the American reedman Thomas Chapin, this time it's Robin Eubanks who pushes Vandoorn in an even more adventurous direction with his electronic distorted solos . 'Four Brothers' is pleasantly unpredictable, from the whimsical panting and hissing vocals in the opening song till the fine stringquartet in the finale'.

Jan Rensen, 9-10-1999
'That the new generation jazz musicians push pop and jazz together is not only obvious from the fact that jazzmusicians interpret old popsongs, but also from the phenomenon that they compose songs which in another environnement could function as a popsong. For example, the songs from the group Vandoorn on their new album 'Four Brothers', which are nearly all written by guitarist Marc van Vugt. Each one exudes a calming simplicity; Sometimes the melody is so sober that the approach of singer Ineke van Doorn seems almost like 'Sprechgesang'. It gives her the opportunity to do justice to every nuance in the lyrics, which are written by herself (she also composed the titelsong). In this way, via the essential melodic timing, the songs get their strength. The way the i nstrumentalists react, during their solos or through a question/answer game with trombonist Robin Eubanks, makes it jazz. The other guestsoloist, the Belgian saxplayer Erwin Vann, even performs like he's proving himself at a real tenor battle. These are pleasant moments on a cd which is always beautiful but which at the same time is serious stuff.'

Frank Laan, De Gitarist, november 1999
'The group Vandoorn choses to play their own music instead of the obligatory songs of which there are enough examples in the jazzworld. Partly because of this they are considered outsiders, as 'modern jazz' or 'new jazz'. Almost all compositions on 'Four Brothers' are written by guitarist Marc van Vugt. With and without effects, electrically and acoustically and even on slide-guitar he fluidly accompanies and plays solos. Ineke van Doorn sings, improvises and scat over it all with considerable ease (and a pleasant accent). And yet Vandoorn is more a sum of equal musical parts than a group of accompanists for a flexible singer'.

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