2006 Vandoorn/BraamDeJoodeVatcher Double trio review (eng)

�Dazzling opening of Stranger Than Paranoia'

Rinus van der Heijden, Jazzenzo, dec 05
The 14th Stranger Than Paranoia festival was ambitiously opened on Christmas Eve. Two sets of trios contributed to this. Firstly Michiel Braam (piano), Wilbert de Joode (double-bass) and Michael Vatcher (percussion) who formed around the panerai radiomir replica watches second trio, Ineke van Doorn, with alto saxophonist Paul van Kemenade and guitarist Marc van Vugt. These six individuals, who have proven to be musical improvisation experts numerous times -and who are therefore very much individuals indeed - produced a solidly unified sound.

The two trios improvised their hearts out but offered their audience at Paradox musical stage sufficient harmonic and melodic grip to stay focussed. Identifiable notes resounded in hurried rhythms, effective improvisations, Ineke van Doorn's fascinating and unique voice, and unpredictable musical turns.

Opening song �Sepia� was a perfect example of this. Composer Braam certainly didn't rush his performance to convince us of what he thinks of piano improvisations; Tacking a series of musical quotations, one after the other, which are then again successfully hammered to pieces. A duet of guitar and alto saxophone was particularly pretty; Ineke van Doorn�s voice compared to a rippling stream of vocal beauty. Also, which came as a surprise for some of us: percussionist Michael Vatcher too happens to be a credible vocalist. He demonstrated this in �Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans�.

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