2000 Big Bizar Habit/Strings Only (eng)

About Big Bizar Habit

‘A man needs these contrasts. There are many of them and although painful at times they mainly give pleasure. Such as in guitarist Marc van Vugt’s Big Bizar Habit, in which string players yield to and rise against horn players and in which the more recent history of jazz has been brought together - with echoes of Charlie Haden’s Liberation Orchestra and John McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra. Music on the one hand filled with passion and on the other driven by the heartbeat of a hectic life.’
Rinus van der Heijden, journalist

‘The broad and sometimes unusual harmonic inventions evoke a panoramic atmosphere in which intimate, poetic stories are told - almost literally, by Ineke van Doorn, and figuratively by improvised solo’s, or composed built-in miniatures. While the vaudeville atmosphere remains recognizable, the jazz element is slightly more emphasized and there’s even room for some solid rock and roll. Mostly the music sounds attractively mysterious, a little wayward but never rejecting, at times even seductive.’
Jan Rensen, journalist

About Strings Only

Growling violins
‘Modern chamber music full of harrowing and twisting harmonies and sadly comforting songs; Vandoorn Strings Only, a strings septet formed around vocalist Ineke van Doorn and guitarist Marc van Vugt, presented all of this. Their performance at the Utrecht SJU Jazz Festival resulted in nearly an infinite number of both original and catchy melodies; the duo must have a warehouse of songs hidden somewhere, containing enough material for the ages to come. Without displaying an artificial urge to experiment, the ensemble explored a variety of possibilities for this line up. In between the fairy-like sounds, for example, there was this funky arrangement in which the strings sounded like the horn section behind Stevie Wonder and the string players gratefully benefited from the ample space provided for improvisation.’
Jeroen de Valk, journalist

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