I am a painter of music

a painter of music I just like making things. I get this idea and then I have the urge to do u-boat replica watches something with it. As long as I am creating things I feel one with everything around me. That is also what I want to express in what I make. Composing is besides playing the guitar the best way I can express this.
When I am composing I feel very close to what I think painting is. A band, an orchestra and even a simple song is for me like a blank canvas waiting for me to fill.

I grew up with pop music, studied contemporary composition as well as jazz composition and even focused for a while on electronic music.

My compositions range from small chamber ensembles, to chamber orchestras. From jazz and pop combo�s to jazz orchestras. And in the end I see myself as a songwriter with a great love for improvisation. As long as I can compose �my song� why not use what is available??

The last couple of years my main focus has been writing for my group Marc van Vugt�s Big Bizar Habit and the duo with singer Ineke van Doorn.

In Marc van Vugt�s Big Bizar Habit I combine my experience with composing for chamber ensembles with my love for jazz and improvised music. It is not a big band, although it is a �big� band. The line up is actually very similar to that of the traditional chamber orchestra. This differs from the traditional big band because of the stringsection and the smaller number of hornplayers. The duo with singer Ineke van Doorn focusses on songs, you could say it is a singer/songwriter duo but in the jazz domain. Music in its simplest form.

I have been lucky so far that most of my music is commissioned by the Performing Art Fund. It enables me to take some time off to focus on composing.
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