Ineke van Doorn and Marc van Vugt meet the Dutch Chamber Choir

Inventing Jazz


In 2007, jazz singer Ineke van Doorn and composer Marc van Vugt embarked on a project with het Nederlands Kamerkoor (Netherlands Chamber Choir) called Inventing Jazz. Van Vugt and van Doorn have made big names for themselves as singer/songwriters in the fields of jazz and improvisation, and van Vugt has for years also written for large ensembles active in these areas.

Het Nederlands Kamerkoor is a full-time and independent professional chamber choir and one of the leading choirs in Europe. With Inventing Jazz, the choir was entering the arena of jazz and improvisation for the very first time. New works were written by Marc van Vugt and Ineke van Doorn, working towards a program in which the established qualities of the choir and the soloists could be heard in a new context. Songs, improvisation and harmonic adventure, all produced by 17 singers and a guitarist and prepared in close collaboration with the choir. The result was not only swinging, innovative and of high standard, but above all exciting. The collaboration proved to be challenging and musically worthwhile for both the musicians and the audience.

The press wrote:
This performance was definitely an admirable and fascinating attempt to explore boundaries; between improvisation and composition, and between the potential of highly experienced jazz musicians and vocalists, who are more comfortable with sheet music and conductor guidance.

Inventing Jazz was performed a.o. in the famous Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, hublot replica watches in the new Muziekgebouw aan het IJ, also in Amsterdam, and was broadcasted by national radio (NPS).

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