A critical duet by Ineke Vandoorn and Cecilia Moisio

Director and choreographer Cecilia Moisio and vocal improviser Ineke Vandoorn explore systems of power and gaze in their duet I Can See Myself Through Your Eyes. In today’s society, replica watches uncensored speech has become a norm and easy digital access has given each individual a voice. These parallels create a challenge, especially as an artist: how do we deal with constant critique? And do we change our behaviour when we know we are being watched?

Typical for Moisio’s work, the performance zooms in on the human psyche from a sociological standpoint, and transfers this to a theatrical form and choreographic space. Vandoorn translates this to music that gives voice to the inner world of both performers. As they exchange practices, they create a new language that incorporates both voice and movement. The result is an original, multidisciplinary experience, dance performance and concert in one, posing the existential question: Are we autonomous people or just a mirrored image of the opinions others have of us?

Out of the 320 entries from 40 countries 'I Can See Myself Through Your Eyes' was selected with 15 others for the Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition. This is the first international choreography competition for duets.

The press wrote

You can feel how deeply critique touches a human being in I Can See Myself Through Your Eyes.**** (Volkskrant)

Wonderful performance, meaningful work
(...)In any case there is relieve when Moiso and Vandoorn shape this theme in a convincing way: open-hearted, with humor and lots of variety.
Both combine voice and movement, both excel in their own domain. (...)
**** (Theaterkrant)
Performance dates 20 January 2018 Spijkers met Koppen, Radio 1
Premiere: 26 January 2018, Theater Kikker, Utrecht
27 January 2018, Theater Kikker, Utrecht
6 February 2018, Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam
8 February 2018, Schouwburg de Lawei, Drachten
9 February 2018 , 5 uur Live RTL4 - Television
15 February 2018 Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam
Due to medical reasons the following performances have been cancelled.
15 June 2018, Theater Korzo, The Hague
21-23 June 2018, Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition, Theater Rotterdam, Rotterdam
6 July 2018, Festival Julidans, Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam
Credits concept & performance Cecilia Moisio and Ineke Vandoorn
dramaturgy Vincent Wijlhuizen hublot replica watches
music Ineke Vandoorn
choreography Cecilia Moisio
soundscapes Joni Vanhanen
video Mark Thewessen
light design Reynoud van der Molen
technique Reynoud van der Molen, Bauke Moerman & Jaap Schledorn
marketing Marjo van Lijssel & Bora Sirin
production & acquisition Hedi Legerstee
business management Diana Roos
photography Sofie Knijff & Bart Grietens
campaign design Esther Noyons
registration & trailers Paul Sixta
with support of Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, BNG cultuurfonds and Dansmakers Amsterdam special thanks Hofplein Rotterdam
A production by Stichting Cecilia Moisio.
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