Peter Hum (Ottawa Citizen) interviewd Marc and Ineke about their tour. Click on the title to read it. Dutch jazz artists Ineke Vandoorn and Marc van Vugt touch down for a 10,000-km Canadian tour

Dutch Grammy winners jazz singer Ineke Vandoorn and guitarist Marc van Vugt return to Canada in the spring of 2018. Inspired by the French Provence countryside they wrote news songs about friends, friendships and their loved ones. Vandoorn and van Vugt have taken the duo playing to a different level. Seamlessly and effortlessly they are switching roles and by times you are wondering who is doing what. Never losing their sense of lyricism and harmony, free as a bird they are playing their songs.

As part of their tour Vandoorn and van Vugt will be artist-in-residence at the University of Toronto and Capilano University in Vancouver. Concerts will be played in Toronto, Waterloo, Edmonton, Saskatoon, 6 cities in Alberta and B.C., the Vancouver area, Ottawa and Montreal. They will also perform their music with two different big bands and a jazz choir.

Vandoorn and van Vugt return to Canada after a very successful tour in 2016. This time they will concentrate on their much-praised duo and bring new repertoire. The duo explores the boundaries of both improvisation and lyrical songs, creating their own world with their funky arrangements and modern music full of rich harmonies and haunting melodies. Vandoorn's exceptional and warm vocals are supported by solos full of detours by guitarist Marc van Vugt. Although there are obviously echoes of different styles like jazz, the virtuoso Brazilian choro and the fairytale-like (pop) music of Scandinavia, their music is unmistakably Vandoorn/Van Vugt.

During this tour Ineke Vandoorn will also present the English version of her highly acclaimed book on singing 'Singing From the Inside Out'. The book, labeled as the 'Lonely Planet Guide' for jazz and pop singers.

LINE UP Ineke Vandoorn - vocals, piano
Marc van Vugt - guitars

The Jazzroom (March 10) and The Rex (March 11)*
Sören Nissen - bass
Mark Kelso - drums
DATES Canada Tour 2018 March 8 Toronto residency
March 9 Toronto residency, master class and concert with the U of T 12tet
March 10 Waterloo* concert
March 11 Toronto* concert
March 12 Toronto workshop
March 14 Toronto concert
March 16 Edmonton concert
March 17 Saskatoon concert
March 18 Medicine Hat concert
March 20 Canmore concert
March 21 Revelstoke concert
March 22 Nelson master class
March 23 Penticton concert
March 24 Vernon concert
March 26 Vancouver residency
March 27 Vancouver residency
March 28 Vancouver residency
March 29 Vancouver residency and concert with "A" Band & NiteCap
March 31 Gabriola Island concert
April 2 Vancouver workshop
April 7 Ottawa concert
April 8 Montreal concert
Canada Previous Ineke Vandoorn & Marc van Vugt left their audiences literally breathless after their concerts in Toronto,swiss replica watches at The Rex and at the Markham Jazz Festival. After their first festival appearance the press wrote: Vandoorn is worth the detour (NTR-Canadian Press) and ' ...the many surprises impressed everyone. Because of the 'scats', at least to be called modern, of singer Ineke Vandoorn and the solos full of detours of guitarist Marc van Vugt, the audience seemed to be perplexed, but remained open......till the very end.' (La Presse, Canada) Singing from the inside out Ineke Vandoorn will also present the English version of her highly acclaimed book on singing in which she included 25 years of international experience in performing and teaching. The book offers 300 pages of information on singing, practicing, performing, improvising, auditioning and much more. It's like a 'Lonely Planet Guide' for jazz and pop singers.

With the kind support of Fonds Podiumkunsten / Performing Arts Fund NL.

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