(Erik van den Berg, Volkskrant)
Winner of the EDISON JAZZ AWARD 2001 (Dutch Grammy)

When jazz singer/lyricist Ineke van Doorn won the prestigous Edison Jazz Award for her album 'Love is a Golden Glue' the jury wrote:

"Ineke van Doorn distinguishes herself as a singer with her adventurous way of singing. First of all because of her exceptional, striking voice with an extreme range with which she can do anything. Her voicecontrol enables her to cross her limits. Every note is placed at the right spot. Apart from that the singer has a huge amount of guts. She lets herself go completely in panting notes, growling howls and colourful improvisations. She follows the trumpet sounds of Vloeimans effortlessly, but she can also duel with the guitarplaying of Van Vugt. She is direct, knows how to swing and seems to tell her own story in every piece."
Freedom It's hard to describe what singing means to me. I think that the word 'freedom' comes very close. The possibilities of what you can express through the human voice are just endless. In a way I feel u-boat replica watches that my singing has 'a life of its own'. It shows a side of myself that I cannot express in another way. Through my singing and in the interaction with other musicians, I've thus discoverd many aspects of myself that I didn't know about at all. This aspect of discovery and adventure is what I love.
Performing I feel privileged to have had the chance to perform with some of the most influential international jazz musicians of the moment: trumpettist Kenny Wheeler(UK/CDN), singer Norma Winstone (UK), saxophonist Thomas Chapin(USA), trombonist Robin Eubanks(USA), conductor/arranger Vince Mendoza(USA), pianist/bassplayer Don Thompson (CDN), Andy Sheppard(UK), guitarist Michael Occhipinti (CAN), pianist Jasper van 't Hof, pianist Jeroen van Vliet(NL), pianist Rob van den Broeck(NL), saxophonist Sylvain Beuf(FR), singer David Linx(FR), saxophonist Erwin Vann (B), Paul van Kemenade, Nico Langenhuizen, Eric Vloeimans, Robert Jan Vermeulen, Peter Niewerf, Michael Vatcher, Wilbert de Joode and Michiel Braam(NL).

With guitarist/composer Marc van Vugt I collaborated (and still collaborate!) in many projects like Vandoorn and the jazz chamber Orchestra Marc van Vugt's Big Bizar Habit. We played at international Jazzfestivals, clubs and concerts halls in a.o. New York, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Paris (Fr) and did concert tours in Canada, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, France, USA, Malta, Macedonia and of course the Netherlands. Projects In 2003 Marc and I were featured guest soloists with the Dutch Metropole Orkest conducted by Vince Mendoza and we recorded the album 'Dawn' with them with our original work. In 2007 we were guest soloists and conductors with the Netherlands Chamber Choir for which Marc and I wrote an original program.

I have been involved in several theatrical performances based on texts and poems by Lorca, Pessoa and Paul van Ostaijen. As a narrator I performed in A Symbiosis (2000), a music and dance production designed by choreographer Shusaku Takeuchi. Together with poet Ingmar Heytze Marc and I wrote and performed an improvised space opera called 'Alice in Space' (2007). Also with Marc van Vugt I wrote and performed 'Ballroom dreams' (2015), a choreographed piece in which we worked together with 10 classical singers (a.o. the German group Amarcord). In January 2018 I premiered

I Can See Myself Through Your Eyes, a critical duet with the acclaimed Finnish dancer Cecilia Moiso and got raving reviews.

In 2009 the Utrecht Jazzfest invited me to do a solo concert. I'd never done a solo concert before, so it was a real challenge. The experiment turned into a succes and since then I've done some more (short) solo concerts combining voice, lyrics and live electronics.Click

here to read more about this and here to watch some videos.

Starting in 1999 I played 8 years in a duo with pianist Jeroen van Vliet. We share a similar background in playing the classical piano repertoire when we were young. In the beginning we concentrated on arranging songs, mostly original ones. Later we were much more into free improvisation. Those two things together create an interesting contrast! We released the intimate album Low Tide.

Till the end of 2009, when the band stopped, I was a member of the German Big Band UWO. Take a look at the bands and projects on this site too!

The pictures at the right side are made by Johnny van Bergen, Joost Lijbaart, Cees van de Ven, Bart Grietend, Hennie Demoed and Marc van Vugt.


2002 Double nomination Edison Jazz Award
2001 Edison Jazz Award
1986 Winner Start 1986 Centraal Beheer Art Promotion Award
1986 finalist Pall Mall Swing Award

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