CD Four Brothers featuring Robin Eubanks rereleased


Date: februari 2011

This album was not available for many years as it was sold out. Now again available as a download through CD Baby and later this month through Itunes and other digital distibutors.

On Four Brothers (1999), lyricist Ineke van Doorn and composer Marc van Vugt continue their collaboration, resulting in 11 new jazz songs.
On this cd they work together with several special guests: Trombonist Robin Eubanks is featured at three tracks and plays an exciting duet with the singer in ‘The Collar’.
The Zapp!stringquartet plays the beautiful arrangement Marc van Vugt made of Thomas Chapins ‘Hush-a-bird’ and the Belgium lyrical-virtuoso saxplayer Erwin Vann can be heard at two tracks which were ‘live’ recorded at the BIM-huis in Amsterdam.

Ineke van Doorn, voice
Marc van Vugt, guitar
Paul Berner, double bass
Hans Verdoorn , drums
Robin Eubanks, trombone
Erwin Vann, saxophone

The Zapp! stringquartet:
Jasper le Clercq, violin
Friedmar Hietzer, violin
Oene van Geel, viola
Emile Visser, cello

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