Le Dirigeable Fantastique

Marc van Vugt/Big BIzar Habit

Le Dirigeable Fantastique

CD number: Baixim Records F518

Date: 1998

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About the music

Marc van Vugt composed for his 8-piece band a new score to four of the imaginative, silent movies of George Méliès. New music that delivers a panoramic atmosphere in which intimate, poetic stories are told. Seductive and attractively mysterious.


Marc van Vugt - guitars, Ineke van Doorn - voice & piano, Chris Kase - trumpet, Jasper le Clerq - violin, Tony Overwater - double bass, Paul Stouthamer - cello, Michael Vatcher - percussion, Mete Erker - clarinet & bassclarinet


"The broad and sometimes unusual harmonic inventions evoke a panoramic atmosphere in which intimate, poetic stories are told - almost literally, by Ineke van Doorn, figuratively by improvised solo’s, or composed built-in miniatures."

"While the vaudeville atmosphere remains recognizable, the jazz element is slightly more emphasized and there’s even room for some solid rock and roll."

"Mostly the music sounds attractively mysterious, a little wayward but never rejecting, at times even seductive."


1. Le Merveilleux Eventail Vivant 5:56
2. Le Raid Paris-Monte Carlo En Deux Heures En Automobile 5:36
3. Le Voyage A Travers l'Impossible 12:41
4. Le Dirigeable Fantastique 4:51


Composer Marc van Vugt, visual artist Pieter Baan Müller and the Dutch Film museum found in the imaginative movies of George Méliès a tempting opportunity to place the old vaudeville-style performance in a contemporary setting. The three independent art forms - film, music and performance - showed a playful dialogue in a performance which was called ‘Le Dirigeable Fantastique’ (The Fantastic Airship). Marc van Vugt composed new music on the edge of contemporary composed music and jazz and improvised music which was live performed. Marc van Vugt's Big Bizar Habit, an 8-piece orchestra with some wellknown jazz-players, performed this music with the same spontaneity and urge to experiment as was shown by Méliès a hundred years ago.

On this cd you will be able to enjoy the music to 4 of the movies. ‘Le Dirigeable Fantastique’, to name one of the movies, is a playful fantasy (of the future) full of amazing tricks that Méliès made in the beginning of the 20st century. Originally this kind of movies were part of a vaudeville, a show full of joyful theater-, acrobatic- and musical sketches in which one saw light and thunder, voyages through the universe, demonic encounters and a play of existing and non-existing characters in fantastic colors and sounds.


lyrics 'Le Dirigeable Fantastique'

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