The Question is Me

Ineke Vandoorn & Marc van Vugt

The Question is Me

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Date: 1994

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Debut album of Vandoorn with vocalist Ineke Vandoorn and guitarist Marc van Vugt. Original songs giving a kaleidoscopic view on the diverse ways jazz and pop music can be mixed. Featuring trumpet player Kenny Wheeler (UK/CDN) and pianist Don Thompson (CND).


Ineke van Doorn - voice, Marc van Vugt - guitar, Jeroen van Vliet - keyboards, Wiro Mahieu - double bass, Chris Strik - drums.
Featuring Kenny Wheeler - trumpet, fl�gelhorn, Don Thompson - piano, Kelly Friesen - double bass


"When Ineke van Doorn sings, its not just some little song to the accompaniment of a haphazard jazz combo. Her lyrics and her voice are an essential part of the total music. Her singing, without words or with song texts, sometimes not more then humming, is simply one of the instruments of the band.... she herself is actually the band".

"The vocalist has an extraordinary voice which, without having to force it and without losing its timber, reaches whistling kettle heights.....a mature debut".

"The music which has almost entirely been composed by Marc van Vugt is based on contemporary music, in which van Doorn's voice is integrated with the wonderful instrumental contributions which give a kaleidoscopic view on the diverse ways jazz and pop music can be mixed".
replica watches "..... Between all the new jazz divas on stage Ineke van Doorn is a pleasant sound. The sound of the group is something different from the umpteenth version of the American standard repertoire and that is not a small accomplishment. Her easy, slightly veiled voice well suits the compositions by the Vandoorn guitarist Marc van Vugt, compositions which distinguish themselves with their rhythmic skill and warm harmonious climate, with echoes of Pat Metheny".

"The level is extraordinary high and this band should be able to do well even across the Dutch borders".

Track listing

1. Just Like Hell 5:27
2. Conjure 4:54
3. I Wonder 7:40
4. Letters 6:49
5. Thornblues 7:40
6. Are we Lost? 7:33
7. Cobble Gir 6:15l
8. The Question Is Me 4:59
9. Moonwalk 5:15


lyrics 'The Question is Me'

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