Ineke Vandoorn & Marc van Vugt


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Date: 2002

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Line- up

Ineke Vandoorn * Vocals
Marc van Vugt * Guitar
Paul van Kemenade * Alto Sax

"Nominated Edison Jazz Awards 2002 for Best Vocal National (see www.northseajazz.nl)"

Press Quotes

"USA, David Lewis, Cadance : "Uncovered' by Vandoorn is a freewheeling romp by a very unusual trio configuration. The delight of this session is palpable and nothing is predictable and such an adventurous and satisfying set of trio improvisations."

France, Jazz Notes: "This Dutchwoman, with her full and sensual voice, possesses both technical mastery and deep warmth. The mutual understanding between the three musicians is clear and tangible."

Netherlands, Armand Serpenti, Trouw: "Hot and fragile at the same time."

Netherlands, Hans Rooseboom, BN/De Stem: "Completely complete! Ineke van Doorn sings Portuguese beautifully, Marc van Vugt performing a driving bass part on guitar, sprinkling chords in between. And above it all the richly swinging alto sax of Van Kemenade."


Until 2000 Vandoorn mainly performed as a quartet. At this cd Marc van Vugt and Ineke van Doorn undertake their voyage of discovery in a trio-setting for which altosaxplayer and 'Boy Edgar Prize' winner Paul van Kemenade has been invited. They play personal interpretations of jazz and pop standards and a lot of new repertoire. Some of the songs are sung in Dutch. Effortlessly they change positions as soloist and accompanist. Chance and spontaneity play an important role.The live-recordings at 'Uncovered' were made during a tour in 2001.

Track Listing

1. Mundo Sem Fim 6:21 ( F.Lameirinhas )
2. But Not For Me 4:08 ( G & I Gershwin )
3. First Time 4:27 ( P. van Kemenade / I. van Doorn )
4. Nature Boy 5:01 ( E. Habhez )
5. Something So Right 5:28 ( P. Simon )
6. Ochtend ( Dawn ) 4:05 ( M. van Vugt / I.van Doorn )
7. Dansen ( Dancing in the wind ) 6:34 ( M. van Vugt / I.van Doorn )
8. Vis, Man. Zee ( Fish, Man, Sea ) 7:33 ( P. van Kemenade / I. van Doorn )
9. Visions 5:00 ( S. Wonder )
10. The Unspoken Way 4:29 ( M. van Vugt / I.van Doorn )

Total time: 51.86


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