Low Tide

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Date: 2007

ⓒIneke van Doorn

Blessed Be Blessed be the hours of the night
When the cares of the day
Vanish with the light
Song and sound slowly disappear
I can feel youíre near

Children asleep, careless of the dark
They dream of the day
They played in the park
Now tell me your tales
Stories yet untold
Chase away the cold

Blessed be the closing of the day
The sound of your voice
Words that you say
Tell me your tales
Stories all your own
So Iím not alone Caress Visions
waking me at night
A night full of past
Full of love that never saw the light
I freeze
Dream of a face
Frail as the moon

Wandering alone
Away from the light
Behind glass thick like a piece of stone
I freeze
Dream an embrace
A faint caress

You may crave, you may plea
You may hope endlessly
Prayers were held for me
I will stop where you go
I will lack what you know
Some flowers just grow slow

Bitter and bewildered, lasting memories
I touch your face, sweet embrace
Close my eyes, turn away If You Ever went Away Golden daffodils
lovely summernights
weeping willowtrees
deep blue twinkling eyes
all is worthless
if I should lose you

If you ever went away
closed the door without a goodbye
what should I do to stop you
If only I could say 'I love you'
and how Iíd miss you, darling
but I guess it would be too late
for confessions

I hope our love will last forever
when I think of you
of your lovely smile
I'll confess
what would I do without you ? Low Tide It's low tide, icebergs are drifting by
The sun shines in between
reflecting small wrinkles
on the open water
bleaching everything
that cannot be bleached

calmly, on a mirror made of blue
white surfaces are floating
containing every color you can imagine

In the far distance
you can hear an eagle smile
playing with the sunlight
while they warm their precious wings

It's low tide, slowly you realize
how things have always been
reflections of legends
which you couldn't have known
telling everything that cannot be told

calmly, in absence of profusion
simplicity is blooming
containing every value you can imagine

on a green island
you may find yourself again
leaning in the sunlight
while you reveal yourself in silence Westduinkerke Out of the greyness
out of the sea
vaguely the sound of a ship in the distance
the whitecrested swinging
holding its way
patches of fog overcasting the scene

Peaceful and quiet
peaceful and calm
serenity rules as the days flow together

Somewhere the cry of a bird
somewhere a call
somewhere the shape of a man walking alone
wind is rising
drifting the clouds

Windstorms are moving a merry-go-round
waiting for children to play
waiting, going Ďround
rain starts falling
washing the sand

One dreary sunday without an end
brings all of a sudden my memories to life again
Iím cleaning my window
cleaning whatís new
forlorn and forgotten
I welcome the view

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