President for Life

CD:All lyrics (eng)

Date: 1996

ⓒIneke van Doorn

LIKE COMING HOME In the hush of the evening glow
a river finds its way
Down at my feet lies a stone

There's a place, which people say is grand
I know it can't be near
Sometimes the sea turns to grey

Now and then I will close my eyes
and hear a stranger's call
speaking in tongues I don't know

There's a place where I would like to go
a place for me to hide
There, where it would be like coming home

It's a story every stone can tell
resting in the stream
waiting for its chance to go
till eternity

Man can tell how many times I've failed
the words that comfort me
Believing in 'Sometimes' and 'Someday'..

Theres a place where I will close my eyes
a place for me to stay
There where it will be like coming home

It's a story every stone can tell
resting in the stream
waiting for its chance to go
till eternity

THAT'S ME Sometimes I know that I'm on my way
feeling like God on a sunny day
Lighter, I skip where I used to freeze
Suddenly it's me
the one I would like to be

Gently, I'm floating on a stream
Holding on, to what seems a dream to me
Lighter, I sing when I used to sigh
Finally, I see
the one I would like to be

A fever of excitement flusters my vains
It's almost like the feel of finding what you didn't lose
Looking for more
Looking for the Holy Grail

Hang on, stick to reality
Be wise, all you can be is me
With passion, I fight till I'll understand
I'm free, I'm me
I do what I do, I think what I think,
I am who I am
That's me

Special Chorus :
It's a lucky day and I'm on my way to what I do not know
I didn't decide yet where to go it's still unsure untill
I've had the time to say goodbye to what I really have to leave behind
Well, isn't it fun to enjoy such a moment of uncertainty
The only thing I know is that I'm in a state of unrevolved suspense I've never been before
In my life there's something happening
I'm skipping where I always used to freez at once while I'm singing
and I'm whistling when I used to sigh
Hey, I'm telling you it's better the way it's now anyhow
uncertainty's my treasure it's what I can measure
an neverending everlasting bottomless pit
like a good acquaintance I'm traveling with

Can you hear the whistle blow? On a train that's rocking
on a train from afar
Taking me to nowhere
To that place where people
do not care about
a day
or a night
a moment

A trip to the outskirts
where time can flow
I'm fast asleep
while no one knows

It's the time that's swaying
traveling back and forth
could this be like heaven ?
No more waiting for
everything is done
at once
in a wink
it's over
Dreaming on a train to nowhere
Leaving everything behind
Without a reason for waking up
I hear loud whistles blowing
knowing I'm almost there

Mr. Bley Black and white is what you hear
Soldiers in a perfect key
They march and they sing as he starts to play
They'll fight in search for music

Eighty-eight pianokeys
An animal with sharp teeth
It smiles and it grins it never stops to laugh
A lion would be sweeter

When he plays he tries to tame it
As if he'd like to know
If it would be possible
to put his most gentle feelings
into this hard object
Neverending melody,
Hard to find melody
Seduce him,
Take his soul away from here

But Kenny Play? Playful, impatient
always restless
never fully satisfied
Living in me
I'm his parent
I will lead him

Fragile like a baby
I protect him
he's my handsome little man
sometimes we're one
playing football
in the backyard

He shoots
sometimes misses what a pity
try again
He always wants to play ball
He's the one that keeps my goal

Manlike, childlike
what coincidence
he is almost like I am
Playing in me
He could be my best friend

Itís a love song I might be waiting for a lover yet to come
I might be hoping to hear a familiar song
I might be dreaming of things that will never happen
I might be thinking of you

You came along
Took my heart and filled it with love

I might be laughing though I'm waiting for a call
I might be singing songs that I don't know at all
I might be writing words to an unknown stranger
I might be thinking of you

You came along
Took my heart and filled it with love

Just one love song it's what I've been longing for
waiting for you to come
Being my first time lover
It's like Patti says
'We're in tune both night and day'
Is there a better place you would know
where I could go
rather than here with you
Here where my dreams came true

How she was then For Norma

I'd heard of her name
when we met for the first time
I saw her kneeling down on the floor
Once in a lifetime
I can't explain what it is
You meet someone special
someone you're always gonna miss

She sat down for a moment I didn't know what to say
maybe she'd like to have a chair of what else could I think ?
The smile when she answered stayed clear in my mind
I can still recall how she was then

I looked at her face
when she started to sing
a voice like this I'd never heard before
with a sound so familiar
I can't explain what it is
filled with words and colors
you're always gonna miss

After a while, I got to know her much better
the twinkle and the sadness in her eyes
Becoming like sisters, so familiar, so close
I will always know how she was then

We used to be children playing games in our private world
- Do you remember the time that we lived in our dreams?
Fantasy ruled us in a wild, blind, compulsive way
- Do you remember the books of the bright 'Famous Five' ?
Bags full of licorice at a place only you could find
- Did you discover that castle full of hidden rooms ? Two little girls exchanging laughs at their common past
- Would you believe me if I said that we'd never met ?

President for life He pretends
the perfect man
when he smiles in the mirror

Looking spic
looking span
Like he's out of a bandbox
always ready

for the best
for the worst
for whatever may come to his perfect world

rules himself
rules his life
President of himself

's all he wants from his subjects

incorruptible like a perfect machine

but inside
in his head
constant arguments start to bring confusion

feelings almost break through

As a fine gentleman
he calls for a meeting
secret deals
he hands in new proposals
to his innerself
Mister President for life

Mr. Cogito Features full of stories
Echos of hidden memories
who was this person
who assembled him
whose design ?

In his face you feel the earth
ancient history

As he observes himself
in surprise
Eyes full of hunger
His smile is sad with illusions

Former generations
put him under the spell of past
filled him with confusion

No one without stories
No one without memories

Strange unfamiliar shadows bothered him
teased his mind
He tried to fill his ears with Bach
put on make-up

Desperate he denied his past
But in vain
Watching the mirror
he met the eyes of a stranger

Former generations
made him just the one he was
left him in confusion

HUSH-A-BIRD Silent moment
feeding that bated breath
vacant beauty

carried by the lost wind Try to follow
all the hidden traces
silver signals
only left for you

I saw that blackbird too

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