Le Dirigeable Fantastique

CD:All lyrics

Date: 1998

ⓒIneke van Doorn

Le Merveilleux Eventail Vivant

‘The magical fan’

Flowers of desire, blooming
surrounded by a restless state of mind
exciting thoughts, bewildered illusions
could any of my dreams come true?

Snapping with my fingers should change the world
a fan full of women came my way
with graceful delight they’d wave and they’d smile
should I believe the talk of that man?

Stunning beauties, I couldn’t believe my eyes
unfolded by this magic fan
Streaming fountains, sprouting from my brain
can I believe myself again?

Pictures of dillusion, blooming
creating all these visions in my mind
Fixed ideas, a huge imagination
triggered by this tempting box

Snapping with my fingers
All is gone
this man betrayed himself
should I obey my own desires
craving for a fantasy?

Le Voyage a travers l’Impossible

from the earth to the sky
I’ll bring with me my dreams
of angels and stars

traveling the impossible
where the sun can be touched

moving clouds
exciting crowds
surroud me
burning fire that melts to ice

Having wings I’ll fly up north
to meet the end of earth
of oceans so blue

Meeting the impossible
where daylight
will turn into night

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