Four Brothers

CD:All lyrics (eng)

Date: 1999

ⓒIneke van Doorn

The Secret of the Machines Coming from deep down underneath,
Melted in the pit --
Cast and wrought hammered to design,
Cut and filed to fit.

Water, coal, oil is all we ask,
And just a thousandth of an inch to play:
And if youíll set us to work,
Weíll serve you night and day!

We can pull, push and lift and drive,
Print, heat, weave and light,
We can run, race and swim and dive,
Hear, count, read and write!

Would you call a friend abroad?
Well give his name, his town and state to me,
Youíll see and hear your question hurled
Straight across the sea.

Did he answer you should come?
You can start this very evening if you choose,
You can take the Western Ocean
In the stride of thousand horses and screws!

Pushing and driving. weaving, lighting, running and diving,
Hissing and humming, pounding, puffing, drilling and drumming

Do you wish the mountains bare,
Cut trees at your feet?
Do you want to turn a river in its bed,
Plant the rocks with wheat?

Shall we bring you water down
From the cisterns of the snows,
To make the mills and tramways work
All across your town?

It is easy! Give us dynamite!
Watch the rocks all quake,
As the desert floods and fills,
A valley becomes a lake.

But remember the law we live by,
We are not built to comprehend a lie,
We can not love nor pity nor forgive.
If you slip you die!

Though our smoke may hide the Heavens from you,
It will vanish and the stars will shine again,
Because for all our weight and power,
Weíre nothing more than children of your brain!

Pushing and driving. weaving, lighting, running and diving,
Hissing and humming, pounding, puffing, drilling and drumming

Free adaption after a poem with the same name of Rudyard Kipling

Portrait for Thomas Chapin

It is gold on an overly trodden path
It is wind that blows from a place that is never passed
Itís a cry that shivers alone
Itís a house without a ceiling
Lest we forget itís love

Itís a rage that almost forgot its head
Itís a dance alone, itís a word that is never said
Itís a chair thatís been overly used
A place to think things over
Lest we forget itís love

Resting on a shoal
A ship or a traveling bird?
Asking for a date to leave
Asking for its goal.

Itís a laugh echoing from the wall
Itía the rain that falls on a hot summerday on call
Itís a plie, itís a prayer for more
Itís a book without an ending
Lest we forget itís love

Dancing In the Wind Only after miles you realize
Youíre driving on a track to paradise
While the wheels are turning
Tumbling down the road
She is waiting
When youíre finally arrive she will be there
Untill then youíll keep dancing in the wind

Conversations capturing your head
Containing all the things you never said
Now thereís time enough to practise all along
She is waiting
With a smile sheíll recognize your voice
And untill then you will whisper in the wind

ďHugginí aní a kissiní
And oh what Iíve been missing Loverman, oh where can you be --
When I fall in love it will be forever
Or Iíll never fall in love --
Thereís no greater love
Than what I feel for you
No greater love no heart so trueĒ

Gee, your heart is bumping along
Youíre waltzing on this beat so strong
While the road is telling tales
Singing songs of love, recalling all the words
The wind blew from above.

Dawn My eyes are still full of sleep
Waking up so tenderly
His soothing arms around me
Leading me
While dawn is breaking

The light is chasing my gloomy dreams
Slowly memories of last night
Come to mind again
I smile
Softly calling his name

I feel his warmth close to me
Hiding from reality
I will tell him all he wants to know
All my secret places

The night has taken our thoughts away
Leaving us time, leaving space
Just to celebrate our love
Pure and soft as the dawn
Growing bright

I touch his face while he is sleeping
Hoping that he will stay
I hold my breath, see his lips moving
For words he will never say

Four Brothers I remember the time
as if it were yesterday
Four brothers playing hide-and-seek
Always wanting to get their way

Climbing, fighting, like acrobats,
Little monkeys in a tree
The strongest one would be the boss
And their company was for free

Can we go now, all our friends are waiting for us
No time to waste, so much more to enjoy
Building a hut, digging a hole, sharing secrets
Swearing aloud, acting just like boys

Sister one and brothers three
Make their family tree
Practicing for getting old.
What have you been told?

The Tiger and the Doll Rain in the middle of the night
tigers in the field
sweet smelling magnolias
shifting time

Itís fairly sure I was a doll
with a porcelain face
a blush of impatience
for a man in the corner of
the bedroom with shimmering dark eyes

His hips are swaying to the beat
though no sound is heard
though the rain goes on
though thereís no one here tonight
sexy and distracting
see the river swell
see the curtains move

The heat is very likely going to stay
parrots fill the room
black cats in the backyard
approaching mice

Itís fairly sure I wasnít there
with this stranger man
the birds will repeat me
as the crows will defeat me
with a deafening cry of surrender

His hips are swaying to the beat
beckoning me to come
beckoning in the shade
beckoning me to go astray
sexy and possessing
see the salmon swim
see the lion hunt

Coming from the desert
not a tree in sight
while the holy drums are beating
throughout the night
feel the thunderstorms waiting
to quench the thirst
when the porcelain doll starts moving
the clouds will burst
Daydream Funny the way I feel
Canít find anything near me
to ground on
Could I be dazed
So many things seem to have changed
Shadows lost in daydreams of you

Darkness has spread its wings
A sparkle of happiness
surrounds me
Could it be you
Giving a sign that it be true
Daydreams lost in traces of love

Clear sound invading
my lonely thought
Youíre right in front of me
Youíre playing your song
For a while
a glimpse of your smile
glitters in reverie
like gold to me

Funny the way I feel
Canít open my eyes
without longing
Each soft spoken call
will waken them all
Daydreams lost in love The Collar No More
I struck the board
And cried I will go abroad
What? Shall I ever sigh and pine
Though my lines and my life are free?

Free, loose as the wind
As large as a megastore
Shall I be still in suit
No harvest but a thorn

Red wine, golden corn
All drown by my tears
Is the year lost to me
Have I anything to crown?

Flowers, garlands
Are they all a waste?
Not so, but there is fruit
And I see that you have hands

No More
I struck the board
And cried I will go abroad
What? Shall I ever sigh and pine
Though my lines and my life are free?

Leave your cold dispute
Of what is fit and what is not
Leave your cage, your rope of sands
Which petty thoughts have made

Go away, and take heed
I will go abroad

As I raved and grew more
Fierce and wild at every word
I thought that I
Heard one calling: Child!
Then I replied at once
My Lord, I will go my way.

Free adaptation of "The Collar" by George Herbert (1593-1633)

Love Is Where You Find It A fading moon
Two loving turtles
Dozing dogs in the sunlight
Harsh and stormy weather
Tears that fill my eyes

The telephone rings
The way that she sings lullabies
Thinking ahead
Things you just said, too

What a clue
Boys in blue
There is love in
everything thatís true

(Tea for two, I am through,
All for you, What to do,
Nothing new, I love you,
Nice shampoo, Cheese fondue,

Ocean view, Golden glue,
London Zoo, Good for you,
Honey dew, Kangeroo,
Danish blue, Dejŗ vue,
Xanadu, Who is who)

Hush-a-Bird Silent moment
feeding that bated breath
vacant beauty
carried by the lost wind

Try to follow
all the hidden traces
silver signals
only left for you

I saw that blackbird too

Mr. Wonderful See his face
look how heís walking
the bouncing of his steps is marvelous
watch his clothes
hear what heís saying
I never in my life met someone like him

When he smiles
I canít stop gazing
itís like they always say:
Ďthe sun breaks throughí
all my life
I have been waiting
a man like him, believe me,
cannot be true

In the morning, when I wake up
he is there
waiting to serve the tea
breakfastís ready too
(he wonít forget a thing)
he mows, he cooks,
he never has one of those moods
heís close to perfect
but is he a Man?

Well, heís cute
and he ainít lazy
the wrinkles in his face
keep moving me
watch his eyes
look how heís talking
I never in my life met someone like him

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