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What instruments do you play and what is your set up?

OK, here we go! It can not be avoided, ....

so this is where we will do the guitar tech talk........

My amps are mostly made or modified by Ernst Fliek.
Together we developed a new preamp for acoustic guitar the Blackbird that still has to find its equal.

What makes Ernsts work so special is that he is able to translate the intuitive things we musicians are looking for in technical solutions. What you want to hear is what he will create eventually.

Since a while I have started to use vintage fender amps. These are tuned and modded by AL.

I build my own effects pedals as a hobby. Something I started with when I was in High School. Part of what I will be using from now on will be my own pedals

Chris Teerlink of Luthier’s Gitaren in Den Bosch (+31 (0)73 6146174) is the one who does all the customizing on my guitars. I know Chris allready for about 15 years and eversince he has been working on my instruments when necessary.

2003 I won the Nexus Guitar contest with my composition “Black belt to white belt”. It is a piece for acoustic guitar and orchestra. In January 2002 I recorded it with the Netherlands Metropole Orchestra conducted by Vince Mendoza.
The prize for the Nexus Guitar contest was a special JazzDarlin archtop guitar that they build for me.


- Levin 325 Jazz guitar

012-053 D’Addario XL

Johny Smith Magnetic Pickup / Piezo and Mic for Blackbird preamp

- Paul reed Smith Archtop IV guitar

011-048 Ernie Ball Custom Gauge Nickel Wound

- Lowden 032C

012-053 D’Addario Phosfor Bronze

Piezo and Mic for Blackbird preamp

- Tacoma Papoose

011-050 D’Addario Phosfor Bronze

Piezo and Mic for Blackbird preamp


Electric set-up

- Fender Deluxe reverb (mod. By Ernst and tuned by AL)

- DL4 line 6 delay modeler

- Electrix Repeater

- Adrenalinn

- Proco Rat distortion

- Boss volume pedal

- several hand made pedals that I made myself

Acoustic amp set-up

- Blackbird preamp by Timberworks

- LXP 1 reverb

- Soundproject Exact Monitor

all covers for my amps are made by Daan van Dijk of

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