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Self management

One of the subjects I stumbled upon in my own practise as a composer/performing artist and later in teaching my students is the question how to solve the difficulty of managing your own self. “How do I manage my daily life especially when I am my own employer being a composer or an artist???”

Since 1990 I started my Zen training which has helped me a lot in creating the right focus and how to get my life organised. For 6 years I have been teaching a course of Zen meditation for musicians at the Utrecht School for the Arts. Many students and teachers have since found their way to combine their musical carreer with the zen practise.

If this interests you my sugestion is to find a group where you can train together with other people. On this subject their is a lot to read by many very experienced teachers. A very practical book to start with is ‘Everyday zen’ by Jocko Beck.

You can also find a lot on the web. Especially for musicians I would like to refer to the Zen Guitar website of Philip Sudo who wrote a beautiful book called 'Zen Guitar'.

It is not in everyone’s interest to follow the same way I did. Look around and see what might be your own way but don’t hestitate to see if the way someone else has already taken might help you too. Why not make it easier if you can? ‘Cause isn’t that also the way we studied music form the beginning?

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